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About Classic Chiropractic

Woman holding paperdoll cutoutsWe opened our doors to the Downtown Colorado Springs community in May 1982. At the time, the area was very underserved with only 44 chiropractors available. Dr. Flesia was one of only four women in the area.

Over the years, our integrity, character and commitment to doing what’s right for everyone we come in contact with, has been the foundation for our success – and yours!

Our Purpose

Dr. Flesia’s passion as a chiropractor is to help people. Showing we care about them, making a difference in their lives and helping them achieve a better quality of life naturally. She reduces their stress and helps build their immunity. Patients experience more energy and sleep better; she gives them hope their lives can improve.

Patients know Dr. Flesia can be trusted; their needs are important to her. Even after 30+ years, knowing that she has made a difference in someone’s life motivates her every day.

A Hands-on Approach

We’re a whole health wellness center. Whatever might be wrong with you, come in and let’s see if we can help you naturally and holistically. Many health complaints, issues and problems can be addressed by chiropractic care.

No matter what brought you to us, we’ll do our best to help you. And if we can’t, we’ll make sure you get the help you need elsewhere.

Can You Help Me?

Chiropractic adjustments have been proven safe and effective for everyone, from the newborn to Grandpa. And Mom doesn’t have to be uncomfortable during her pregnancy, which makes everyone happy. We must be doing something right; seven of our former patients have become chiropractors themselves!

Our patients sense there’s something different about Classic Chiropractic. We work in collaboration with you; but you’re the boss.

We always offer choices to our patients, and they make their own care decisions. After all, it’s their health, their body, their decision and their responsibility. Our patients know they have control, but also respect the fact they still have things to learn about their health.

Above all, your overall health is what’s important to us. We customize your care plan to address your needs and wants. The results you can achieve might just surprise you. Chiropractic can have more of an impact than you would ever imagine.

Making a Difference

Early in her practice, Dr. Flesia treated a four-year-old boy with chronic earaches. His case was so severe, he had been on antibiotics, almost non-stop, since he was 3 months old. His parents were at their wit’s end. After two months of chiropractic care, the earaches stopped and so did the antibiotics. His family began wellness care and still is today.

So impressed by his lifechanging chiropractic experience, he decided to become a chiropractor and is now practicing in Atlanta, GA. In fact, so far, seven of Dr. Flesia’s patients have been inspired to become chiropractors.


When you come to our office, we want you to know you’ve made the right decision. You’re welcome to bring your questions or concerns to any member of our staff. Call us for your free consultation today; we’re looking forward to your visit!

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