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Without Drugs or Surgery…


“Dr. Fred Barge, in his book, One Cause, One Cure stated that the cause of disease is ‘The body’s inability to comprehend itself and/or it’s environment.’  Such ‘comprehension’ is dependent upon interference free input.  This sculpts the brain, and as a result, our very sense of self.”

A subluxation is when the spine is out of proper alignment and interferes with the function of your nervous system / brain / bodily function.  This in turn causes disease within the body.

According to world-renowned neuroscientist, Michael M. Merzenich, in Scientific American, “The brain was constructed to change.”

So what does this mean for the Chiropractic Patient?

Chiropractic Care relieves the subluxation of the spine, which in turn allows for interference free input of your environment into your brain allowing it to change accordingly… “The brain can be extensively remodeled throughout the course of one’s life without drugs, without surgery… This sort of thing will be a part of normal future life… healing plasticity can be a driven behavior.”

Regular Chiropractic Care has the ability to change and heal your entire body without drugs and/or surgery.

Statistics on Prescription Drug Use

Anti-Depressants… 1 in Every 10 Americans

Pain Killers… Increased by 300% in Last Decade