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Dr. Katherine Flesia 

Doctor of Chiropractic

Palmer College of Chiropractic Graduate

Q:  When did you first start thinking about Chiropractic as a way to help others?

 A:  ” That is a great question I do share with many of my new patients. I am a Chiropractor not because of back pain. What first excited me about what Chiropractic can do was a personal health issue I had as a teenager. I had menstrual period problems from the age of 15 that worsened every month and, in time, put me to bed for 1 to 2 days. That wasn’t much fun for a high-school cheerleader who wanted to be involved in sports and other activities that make those years so memorable. By the time I was 18 the medical profession was providing Darvon and other pain killers to me which would knock me out with sleep, but once I awoke, the pain was still there. I continued to have pain and knew the problem was not being corrected. I was also on my way to becoming a medical statistic with their next steps being more invasive (exploratory surgeries, etc.).

 I was then lucky enough to have a conversation with someone who told me a little bit about how Chiropractic worked. I learned that the nervous system controlled every function in my body along with all my organs and that the spine protected the nervous system and kept nerves working properly. I also learned that, if the spine lost its ability to move correctly, it causes damage to how nerves work and this could possible be the reason I was suffering with my health. It was recommended I have my spine checked with a Chiropractor who had training in this area and that’s just what I did !

The rest, of course, is history ! At the age of 19, I underwent a care program for approximately 6 months and Chiropractic not only found my problem, it corrected the cause of it, as well!

I’ve never had any others health issues and also became so excited about what this knowledge can do for others that I became a Doctor of Chiropractic myself. In my 30+years of practice I’ve seen many miracles happen for others thanks to Chiropractic care, even with people who have suffered for years with many types of illness, sickness and decay. Knowing how powerful the nervous system and spine are in healing is the message people need to hear. I found my purpose early in Life and have been very fortunate in being able to educate others to this critical and life-saving health principle.

 Let me do this for You ! “

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